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See why our parents & students love attending Soles Montessori.

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"River is our first child and, probably like many parents, it was hard for me to send him off to daycare for the first time.  But it quickly became clear to us that Soles Montessori is not just a home away from home for River, but a place where he thrives.  His teachers are incredibly skilled and patient and I continue to learn so much from them as we collaboratively support River's development.  I can't overestimate the value of knowing that my son not only LOVES to go to school every morning, but that he is learning and growing in ways I never imagined.  The Montessori philosophy permeates the culture of the program without feeling stifling or rigid.  Soles Montessori is truly a gem and I feel incredibly lucky that my son gets to spend his first years there."  - Sarah G.

"We have been a part of the Estrellitas/SOLE family for 4 years. Our two sons (4) and (18 months) have been in the school's loving care since infancy and we've seen them thrive. We are very pleased with the program and marvel at how much our children have learned and achieved. We are lucky to be a part of a community of diverse families that extends beyond the classroom." - Chidi

"For three years Estrellitas (Soles Montessori) has been a home away from home for our two children. Day in and day out, the team of teachers and parent community give us a caring environment. It's amazing to see both of our kids adapt quickly to the Montessori method and become proficient in Spanish. " // "Actualmente, "Soles Montessori" le ha dado a mi hija un  ambiente sano con mucha alegría. En nuestra casa somos biculturales y bilingües, por lo que “Soles Montessori” nos apoya mucho con el aprendizaje del idioma español." - Melissa & Tim

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